Wireless Cameras
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What are wireless cameras?
Wireless cameras are basically described as a wireless transmitter carrying a camera signal. The Camera is wired to a wireless transmitter and the signal travels between the camera and the receiver. This works much like radio. The sound you hear on a radio is transmitted wirelessly and you tune to a certain frequency and hear the sound. Wireless cameras have a channel also. The receiver has channels to tune in and then you get the picture. The wireless camera picture is sent by the transmitter the receiver collects this signal and outputs it to your Computer OR TV Monitor depending on the receiver type.

The wireless Camera / Transmitter.
The Camera sees the image, the camera then provides the video to the transmitter, then the transmitter sends the wireless signal to the receiver. There are many types of wireless cameras. You can make most any camera wireless by adding a wireless transmitter and receiver. The camera and transmitter require power. The power is provided by battery  and/ or transformer / adapter. The complete (Diagram 1)wiring for the wireless camera and transmitter end follows.
Wireless camera wireless camera transmitters and wireless diagram 1

As you can see by (Diagram 1) The camera and transmitter both need power. The camera sees an image, sends it to the transmitter, and the transmitter sends the signal out to the air. The receiver picks up the signal and outputs it to a TV / Computer / Digital Video recorder/  This is a basic diagram many wireless cameras and transmitters are very small and the power is provided to both from one source. A good example of this is an Hidden wireless camera. IE: A clock radio wireless camera is powered by plugging in the clock. The camera and wireless transmitter are provided power by the clock radio internally.

wireless camera wireless cameras transmitters receivers transmitter receiver diagram2
The Receiver

A wireless receiver has only one function. After the  camera and wireless transmitters have provided the wireless video signal the receiver collects this signal and routes it the Monitor, TV, VCR , DVR or PC (or alternative recording or viewing device). See diagram 2 .
 As you can see in Diagram 2 The receiver accepts the wireless transmitters signal and then out puts it to your TV, VCR, Monitor or PC. The receiver needs only power and a Device to view and or record the Signal /Video.

Video Transmitters / Receivers
Video Transmitters can be obtained separate from cameras. If you have a wired camera now you can turn it into wireless by adding a transmitter and receiver. Instead of the wire from the camera to the recording device or monitor the wireless signal will send the video. Again you will need to provide power to the camera and the transmitter. Most transmitters and receivers are sold as a package but some are not. Be sure to check with the supplier.